There are quite a few activities in the area as our area is quite lively for such a rural community. You will be surprised at what you can find to do.

If you are visiting with your family/children/artistic types, definitely check out Soul Sister Ceramics in Courtland. They do paint your own ceramics with the kiln on site.

Please, check out the associated pages for the other activities of choice. We try to keep it up to date with activities within an hour of the property.

There is a ton of hunting around and many hunters use us as a base-camp for unguided hunting.

There were some guide companies around for a while; but, at last check, the ones that were on the site had gone out of business. We are looking to find guides in the local area and when we do, we will update this site to provide contact information/links to their sites.

The attractions page covers quite a few historical locations and museums around and the events page is a list of things like fairs, festivals, races, expos, conventions, etc that we are aware of that are going on in the surrounding area. Be sure to give it a look, as well.