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There’s no other place like the Snow Goose Lodge. It’s a place where those who love nature feel right at home.

The area around Gamekeeper’s Marsh is an exceedingly vibrant community of rural towns. Courtland’s main street has every building in use and active with a growing population of younger entrepreneurs. There is the ubiquitous antique store, a ceramics shop and art studio, a couple of salons, a brewery (Irrigation Ales) and Anteaque’s cafe. Just down the road is the Depot (opened seasonally) with fresh local items. A bit further takes you into Scandia where you can visit Tag’s Bar and Grill and their plethora of antique and art boutiques.

You can take in nearby historic and/or Kansas rural sites, hunt the WIHA just south of our drive; cross into the public hunting and fishing areas of the Jamestown Wildlife Area also directly out of our drive to the south; enjoy the birding opportunities provided by the Gamekeeper’s Marsh and Jamestown Waterfowl Refuge abutting our property; or, simply lounge and relax in this special retreat.

If you are interested in museums, there is a small one in Scandia and the Pawnee Indian Village museum is in the area, as well. And, of course, you can’t visit the area as a museum enthusiast without hitting the WWII Germany POW camp and the Orphan Train Museum in Concordia.

For those more hunting minded, the Sportsman’s Lake area is a wonderfully diverse area for hunting anything from whitetail to grouse to waterfowl and turkeys.    

For the fisherman, we are close to Sportsman’s Lake (3.2miles south), Lovewell Reservoir (40 min NW), the Jewel County State Lake (40 min W on 148) and the Glen Elder Wildlife Area – Waconda Lake (45 min WSW).

For the kayaking/canoeing enthusiast the refuge also allows access via kayak and canoe from the new boat dock being constructed right off of highway 148.

For those interested in birding – there are waterfowl of all sorts to be found in Gamekeeper’s Marsh, as well as orchard and Baltimore orioles, bluebirds, hawks, eagles (come with the snow geese), finches, at least three species of woodpeckers, swallows (purple martins and barn swallows), blue jays, cardinals, horned owls and many more. You will also often find bob white quail, ring neck pheasants and Eastern and Rio Grande turkeys wandering the property. All readily enjoyed from the deck of the lodge or by wandering the refuge. The refuge is along a major migration route for the Central Flyway.

Republic County had a wonderful write up by travel writer, Vanessa Whiteside, of One Delightful Life. Be sure to give it a read for some wonderful shopping and dining experiences.